This Privacy Policy regulates both the processing of personal data that CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENENSE carries out in its capacity as controller, and the data protection regime applicable to the services provided by CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENENSE when it acts in its capacity as processor of the data that users process in its services. In both cases, whether CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLANTIL VILLENENENSE acts as responsible or in charge of processing, it complies strictly with the requirements of current legislation on personal data protection, and maintains absolute respect for the data and privacy of users.


Access to the LIMITED ACCESS AREA OF THE WEBSITE OF CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENENSE implies the user's express acceptance of these Particular Conditions, which may be modified by CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENENSE at any time.

To access, the USER must enter his email address and password that will be provided by CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENENSE once it has been registered and registered in the access system to the Intranet/Extranet of CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENSE.

These passwords are PERSONAL and INTRANSMISSIBLE, being responsible for their custody by the USER, who must maintain them in the most absolute and strict confidentiality. The USER shall be solely and exclusively liable for damages, expenses of use of the Service by third parties and consequences that may arise from the loss, theft, disclosure to third parties, or breach of the guard and custody obligations assumed by the USER.

The INFORMATION and CONTENTS made available to users in this area, as consultation tools, are the property of CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENENSE, and are duly protected in accordance with Spanish and international regulations on Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The USER undertakes to use the contents in a diligent and correct manner, in accordance with the law, morality and public order. CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENENSE authorizes the USER to visualize the information contained in this area of Limited Access, as well as to make private reproductions of the data that are of interest to him/her, as long as the elements are intended solely for personal use.

The USER is not authorized to proceed to the total reproduction, distribution, modification, cession or public communication, or any kind of exploitation of the information contained in this Limited Access Area in any form and whatever its purpose.

In this sense, CÍRCULO AGRÍCOLA MERCANTIL VILLENENSE reserves the right to take appropriate legal action in defence of their rights.