The Círculo Agrícola Mercantil Villenense, is a Sports and Cultural Society of great implantation in the city of Villena. Founded in 1909, it comprises a group of close to 8,000 members and family members. The social activity that has been developing throughout the year is very extensive, with a special attention during the summer season.


In 1964, land of more than 60,000 square metres on the edge of the Levante motorway was acquired for the construction of the "Ciudad Deportiva". In June 1994, the C. A. M. is merged with the Casino Villenense, bringing to the new society a late nineteenth century building located in Corredera Street.


We could indicate that our Headquarter is a space thought and dedicated mainly to offer part of the services we offer.


Just as our Headquarter is service-oriented, the sports city is designed to offer a wide variety of sporting spaces and recreational activities.


Our casino is located in a late 1.800s building. A space dedicated to any cultural event.

Facilities of wide social activity

The Círculo Agrícola Mercantil Villenense, is a Sports and Cultural Society of great implantation in the city of Villena, embraces a human collective of more than 7,500 people among members,

family members and users, which accounts for about a quarter of the population. The social activity developed throughout the year is very extensive.

Extensive social activities for our members

In our headquarter we have the possibility to organize a multitude of social and private events. It is made up of three floors of about 700 square meters each.

This allows us to hold conferences, exhibitions, festivals, which means a wide social impact that has been made possible over the last thirty years.

We would like to highlight our Casino in its classic Main Hall where all kinds of cultural activities are held periodically, with the library and the daily press service available to members.

A commitment to the environment and health

CAMV's Management is pleased to express that through this Environmental and Health Policy Statement, our commitment is to ensure that all the installations and activities carried out are carried out with the utmost respect, protection of the environment around us and the public health of our partners.

The main objective in this respect is the prevention of public health, pollution and minimising environmental impact within the framework of technical and economic feasibility, achieving a commitment to continuous improvement, as well as to evaluate in advance

the impact on the environment of the new activities, products and services we offer to our members. We use the modern systems in force for an environmental and public health control required by current regulations.

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