Judo Section

The Círculo Agrícola Mercantil Villenense has always been linked to Judo. Since the beginning of this sport activity in this society in 1965, there have been many students, teachers and sympathizers who have been involved in this sport in an active and organizational way. In 2.014 it is constituted again as a section registering in the corresponding Judo Federation.


Judo is a Japanese martial art that gives people tools to develop mental qualities and physical abilities; this sports training is based on fighting, but does not employ punches in practice, specializing in pitching, restraints and restraints.

The Judo Room, located in the semi-basement of our Headquarter has a tatami of approximately 100 square meters.

It is ideal as a recreation and sport for children, mainly for children with learning problems, hyperactivity or psychomotor skills and even for children or adolescents with behavioral problems.

In order to practice this activity you must be registered in this section with all the necessary requirements. You can obtain more information either in our office or at the reception desk, where our staff will inform you accordingly.

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