Gym Section

It was founded in 1988. In June 1991, a first extension and remodeling was carried out. In May 2016 completes the construction of the new gymnasium, with the definitive relocation taking place in June, its distribution clearly delimits the different activities to + of 70m2 for the zone of Functional Training, GAP, Stretches and Gymnastics, 127 m2 for aerobic zone and more of 150 m2 for zone of bodybuilding.


In our complete gymnasium you will be able to count on the best brands in last generation machines and the best equipment. Personal trainers with specific training and experience to help you achieve your goals quickly and safely. Some scientific studies show that physical exercise guided by a "personal trainer" offers better results than solo exercise, so we offer free Functional Training, GAP and stretching classes.

Magnificent installations designed and built to meet the demands of the numerous users of the installation. The Section also has an aerobic room - maintenance and an adjacent one for yoga practice. Open from early morning until night uninterruptedly.

Exercise has a direct impact on physical and mental health. Physical activity can provide you with many healthy benefits for our daily lives. It also has a sports instructor who can advise and plan the activities of anyone who wants it.

In order to access this installation you must be registered in this section. You can get more information at the reception desk, where our staff will inform you accordingly.

Sports sections, amateur and federated sport

We have a wide range of services and facilities to complete sports activities in each of the modalities, which are being expanded throughout the year as they are demanded by all our customers

members. We create activities that range from physical maintenance to the practice of professional sports, with regional and national level competitions totally federated.

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